Zipcar is a membership-based car-sharing company that provides automobile rentals to its members, billable on an hourly or daily basis. Members are able to view vehicle availability and reserve a self-service car via the internet, iPhone app, or...

Founded in 2000
Total money raised: $60.7M

30309 1157 West Peachtree Street

NW Atlanta
NW Atlanta

Phone: 617.995.4231

Updated on Jul 2, 2013
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Scott Griffith Chairman & CEO
Mark Norman President & COO
Andrew Kupiec Vice president, sales & operations
Ed Goldfinger CFO
Meg Whitman Board Director
Frerk-malte Feller President
Brian Harrington Executive vice president & chief marketing officer
Craig Sherman Angel Investor
Donn Davis Board Member
Steve Case Board
William W. Helman Directorships
Lesley Mottla Executive vice president, product & member experience
Gretchen Effgen Vice president, strategy & corporate development
Philippe Bourguignon Board of Directors
Jonathan Seelig Investor, former Chairman of the Board
Rob Weisberg Chief Marketing Officer
Sean Quimby Vice President of Human Resources
Matt Malloy VP Operations, Emerging Markets and Universities
Doug Williams VP Engineering and Information Technology
Kevin Planovsky Marketing Manager
Dan Martin Director of Sales & Business Development
Anthony Marinos Marketing Coordinator
Yo Koga International Business Development Advisor
Elyse D. Cherry Director
Saul Colt Regional Marketing Manager
Anthony Marinos Marketing Manager
Jill Preotle Director
Tige Savage Board of Directors

January, 2013

Zipcar was acquired by Avis

Car rental biz Avis to acquire Zipcar for $500M cash

July, 2012

Zipcar acquired

Zipcar Acquires Leading Car Sharing Service in Austria,

February, 2012

Zipcar invested $13.7M in Wheelz as a Series A round

April, 2011

Zipcar IPO
Stock symbol: NASDAQ:ZIP

March, 2011

pending initial public offering (IPO) will price at $14 to $16 per share, and net $89.2 million

Zipcar eyes max IPO of $133M

February, 2011

cultivating its online network with the appointment of Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, to its board of directors

Zipcar adds ex-eBay CEO Whitman to board

January, 2011

has introduced plug-in vehicles as part of its car-sharing fleet in three U.S. locations, including Boston/Cambridge

Zipcar adds plug-in hybrid cars to Boston/Cambridge fleet

December, 2010

Zipcar raised $21M in unattributed round from Meritech Capital Partners and Pinnacle Ventures

Car-Sharing Service Zipcar Adds $21 Million To Its Coffers

June, 2010

Zipcar files for IPO

Car Sharing Leader ZipCar Files IPO

April, 2010

Zipcar acquired Streetcar for $50.8M

ZipCar buys up rival StreetCar for £32m

December, 2009

Zipcar invested unknown amount in Avancar as unattributed round

November, 2006

Zipcar raised $25M in unattributed round from Greylock Partners, Benchmark, and Globespan Capital Partners

Global Car Sharing Leader Launches Service in London and Announces $25 Million in New Funding

January, 2005

Zipcar raised $10M in a Series D round from Benchmark

December, 2002

Zipcar raised $4.7M in a Series B round

SEC Filing Via Liquid Scenarios Search2Model

October, 2000

Zipcar was founded on October, 2000