YouMail provides enhanced telecommunications services, where those services are moved out of the network and into the cloud, made social, optimized for smartphones, and sold direct to consumers using a freemium model. YouMail’s completely...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $12.7M

Corporate Headquarters

92612 2102 Business Center Drive

Updated on Mar 17, 2013
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Tags:   mail   voice   voice-mail

Alex Quilici CEO
Mike Rudolph CTO
Jim Archer VP Operations
Eric Ver Ploeg Board
Craig Cooper Board Member
Lee Weinberg Board Member & Secretary
Dave Key CEO
Ken Brickley Co-Founder, VP Online Marketing
Dave Key CFO and EVP of Corporate Ops
Amit Jain
William Chu Senior Mobile Architect
Patrick Gallagher Board of Directors
Rick Prostko Director

November, 2011

YouMail raised $355K in unattributed round from Tech Coast Angels and CrunchFund


YouMail Hits 3 Million Downloads, Gets Backed By CrunchFund And Tech Coast Angels

July, 2011

With 1 Billion Calls Under Their Belt, YouMail Surpasses 2 Million Users

YouMail raised $4M in a Series B round

YouMail Delivered $4M To Scale Social Voicemail Service

April, 2011

YouMail raised unknown amount in unattributed round from Siemer Ventures

Siemer Ventures Invests in YouMail

October, 2010

YouMail Digital Secretary Reaches 15 Million Unique Monthly Callers

September, 2010

YouMail raised $400K in unattributed round

July, 2009

YouMail raised $1.5M in debt_round round

November, 2007

YouMail raised $4.5M in a Series A round from VantagePoint Capital Partners

YouMail Raises $4.5 Million in Funding from VantagePoint Venture Partners

April, 2007

YouMail raised $1.9M in angel funding from Tech Coast Angels

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YouMail was founded in 2007