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YouAre.TV is television you can be on from your webcam! Check out our weekly show with improv piano player Merton, of Chatroulette fame: Wednesday 10pm Eastern.

Founded in 2009
Total money raised: $1.2M

New York
New York
Updated on Oct 24, 2013
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Josh Weinstein Founder
David S. Kidder Investor
David Tisch

August, 2010

YouAre.TV raised $1.2M in a Series A round from FirstMark Capital, SoftBank Capital, Peter Thiel, David Kidder, David Tisch, and High Line Venture Partners

Facebook Investor Peter Thiel Backing Another Social Network For College Students, CollegeOnly

August, 2009

YouAre.TV raised unknown amount in seed round from FirstMark Capital

July, 2009

YouAre.TV was founded on July, 2009