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Yelp (NYSE: YELP) connects people with great local businesses. Yelp was founded in San Francisco in July 2004. Since then, Yelp communities have taken root in major metros across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, The...

Founded in 2004
Employees: 800
Total money raised: $90M

94103 706 Mission Street
7th Floor

San Francisco
San Francisco
Updated on Sep 13, 2013
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Jonathan Slimak co-founder
Max Levchin Chairman & Board Director
Jeremy Stoppelman Co-founder and CEO
Rob Krolik CFO
Geoff Donaker COO
Erica Galos Alioto Vice President, Local Sales
Vivek Patel Vice President, Business Products
Miriam Warren Vice President of New Markets
Andrea Rubin Vice President, North American Marketing
Vince Sollitto VP of Corporate Communic
Jed Nachman Senior Vice President of Global Sales
Laurence Wilson General Counsel
Peter Fenton Member, Board of Directors
Mike Ghaffary Vice President of Business Development
Michael Stoppelman Vice President, Engineering
Matt Halprin Vice President, Revenue and Analytics
Vivek Patel Director, Business Products
Jeremy Levine Board Member
Keith Rabois Board of Directors
Ken Struys Tech Lead
Eric Singley Vice President, Consumer & Mobile Productser and Mobile Products
Jose Martin Global Head of Human Resources
Clement Bazan Sales Account Executive
Russel Simmons Co-founder and CTO
Vlado Herman CFO
Miriam Warren Vice President of European Marketing
Jed Nachman Vice President of Sales
Neil Kumar VP of Engineering
Brad Porteus Vice President, Marketing
Bob Goodson Sales Director
Jeremy Krantz Marketing Consultant
Michelle Broderick Marketing Director
Emile Petrone Account Executive
Jae Kwon iOS Developer
Jason Mueller Product Manager
Nikhil Nirmel Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Andrea Rubin Regional Marketing Director
Bob Goodson Product Manager
Stephen Smith Key Account Executive
Brad Porteus VP, Marketing
Amanda Levy Director of Sales / West
Mamoon Hamid Advisor
Kenji Kaneko Senior Account Executive
Kyle Killion Product Manager
Tim Robertson Senior Engineer
Michael Stoppelman Director of Engineering
Eric Singley Director of Consumer & Mobile Products
Sam Sheldon Account Executive
John Lin Business Development

July, 2013

Yelp raised $8.7M in private_equity round


Yelp acquired SeatMe for $12.7M

Yelp To Acquire Online Reservation Service SeatMe For Up To $12.7M

November, 2012

Yelp raised $25.3M in a Series F round


October, 2012

Yelp acquired Qype for $50M

Yelp Pays $50M To Acquire Its Big European Rival, Qype, To Beef Up Its Recommendations And Listings Business

March, 2012

Yelp IPO
Stock symbol: NYSE:YELP

February, 2012

Yelp sets terms for $93 mil IPO

Reviews website Yelp sets IPO terms, seeking $93 million

November, 2011

Yelp Files For IPO To Raise $100 Million

July, 2011

Yelp Now Has 20 Million Reviews Under Its Belt

April, 2011

Yelp Now Drawing 50 Million Users A Month To Its 17 Million Reviews

May, 2010

Yelp named in Lead411's Hottest San Francisco Companies list

Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in San Francisco" awards

Yelp Launches in France

January, 2010

Yelp raised $25M in a Series E round from Elevation Partners


February, 2008

Yelp raised $15M in a Series D round from DAG Ventures

User Reviews Site Yelp Raises $15 Million Fourth Round

October, 2006

Yelp raised $10M in a Series C round from Benchmark

October, 2005

Yelp raised $5M in a Series B round from Bessemer Venture Partners

July, 2004

Yelp was founded on July, 2004

Yelp raised $1M in a Series A round from Max Levchin