Top 10 trends of 2011 got 60% of all invested money

We analyzed 1,914 companies that raised $20.8B in total in 2011 and have tags specified. Data source is CrunchBase, some refining was done before the analysis. Raised amounts are calculated independently, e.g. if a social company is also mobile, its raised amount adds in both categories.

These 10 trends cover 1,141 companies that have raised funding in 2011, that is 59.61%. The amount of funding raised by these companies in 2011 is $12.9B that is 62.09% of all money invested, according to CrunchBase data.

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Trends vs. the Total Amount of Funding Raised in 2011

The amount of funding is calculated independently for every tag.
E.g. mobile tag includes cumulative value of iPhone, iOS, Andriod etc tags.

There are much more tags at this chart than in top list. The reason is many tags are covered by others. Most companies tagged as 'applications' are also tagged as 'mobile'. So we found the most powerful tags that are independent from others and included them into the top list.

Data Source: CrunchBase