Yaupon Therapeutics

Yaupon Therapeutics, a privately held, specialty pharmaceutical company, is developing a proprietary gel formulation of mechlorethamine hydrochloride for the treatment of early stage (stages I-IIA) mycosis fungoides, a type of cutaneous T-cell...

Total money raised: $14.4M

19355 101 Lindenwood Drive
Suite 400


Phone: 610-975-9290

Updated on Aug 11, 2011
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Stephen Tullman Chairman and CEO
Doug Gessl CFO & COO
James Huang Chairman of the Board

August, 2011

Yaupon Therapeutics raised $14.4M in a Series D round from Vivo Ventures, Palo Alto Investors, Burrill & Company, and Aperture Venture Partners

Yaupon Therapeutics Raises $14.4M in Series D Funding