cloud-based speech recognition

Yap pioneered the world’s first high accuracy, automated speech recognition platform for “long duration” dialogues. Long duration dialogues are conversations and audio content ranging from 5 seconds to several hours. Yap...

Founded in 2006
Total money raised: $12M

29708 940 Market Street
Suite 220

Fort Mill
Fort Mill

Phone: +1.704.960.1776

Updated on Aug 16, 2012
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Tags:   dictation   messaging   mobile   speech   speech-to-text   text   transcription   voice   voice-to-text   voicemail

Jeffrey Adams VP of Research
Marcello Typrin VP Product Management & Marketing
Jeffrey O'Neill General Counsel
Timothy Biltz Chairman
Igor Jablokov CEO, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Victor Jablokov COO & Co-Founder
Felix Gofman VP of Business Development & Sales
Paul Grim Director
Richard Terrell VP of Engineering & Operations
Wayne Hunter Director
Mikael Berner Director

October, 2010

Yap raised $2M in unattributed round from Sunbridge Partners, Harbert Venture Partners, Pittco Capital Partners, and Timothy Biltz

Yap raised $2M in debt_round round from Western Technology Investment

WTI Portfolio

July, 2010

Yap named in Lead411's Hottest Companies in the Southeast list

Lead411 launches "Hottest Companies in the Southeast" awards

June, 2008

Yap raised $6.5M in a Series A round from Sunbridge Partners, Harbert Management Corporation, Pittco Management, and Timothy Biltz

Yap Gets $6.5 Million To Give Your Thumbs A Rest

November, 2007

Yap acquired beRecruited

January, 2007

Yap raised $1.5M in angel funding from Mark Stabingas and Timothy Biltz

Exclusive: Charlotte's Yap raises $1.5 million

May, 2006

Yap was founded on May, 2006