Disney Interactive

The Disney Interactive offers a mix of interactive entertainment and informational content and services for Internet and mobile devices. The organization is both a developer of unique new media experiences specifically designed for Internet and...

Founded in 1923
Employees: 2,500

91201 1200 Grand Central Avenue


Phone: 8186233200

Updated on Sep 17, 2013
Disney Interactive at CrunchBase
Kyle Laughlin VP, Disney Interactive Labs
Sairam Chilappagari Software Engineer
John Pleasants Co-President
Jung Suh Sr. Producer
Jeffrey Preston SEO Manager
Jimmy Pitaro Co-President
William Sears Senior Manager, Search Marketing
Mikhail Larionov Product Lead
Tim Mather Sr Designer, UX
Sean Phinney VP, Business Development
Krista Marks Vice President
Mark Caldwell VP, Engineering
Aaron LaBerge VP, Technology & Business Operations
Brian Bowman VP & GM
Christian Sanz Sr. Software Engineer
Colin Beswick Creative Content & Music Licensing for Tapulous
Jamie Evans Mobile Marketing Manager
Mitch Feinman VP, Business Development and Marketing, ABC Online
William Bartley Director Technology
John David Olsen Project Manager
Geoff Simons SEO Analyst
Rebecca Meissner Product Manager, International
Michael Chanover Associate Producer
Steve Bocska Associate Producer/Designer
Lucas McGregor Director of Engineering
Srikanth Desikan Product Director, Analytics

October, 2012

Disney Interactive acquired Lucasfilm

Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4 Billion

February, 2011

Disney Interactive acquired Togetherville

Disney Acquires Social Network For Kids Togetherville

August, 2008

Disney Interactive acquired RaisingKids

Disney Interactive Media Group acquires


Disney Interactive was founded in 1923