Virtual Iron Software

server virtualization management softwar

Virtual Iron Software, Inc. provides enterprise-class software solutions for server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management. The company’s platform is used for server consolidation, rapid provisioning, business continuity, workload...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $24.5M


01851 900 Chelmsford Street
Tower 1 Floor 2


Phone: 978-849-1200

Updated on Oct 6, 2010
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Jo Tango Investor
Bill Ledingham VP, Marketing and Business Development
Jim Ricotta Board of Directors

May, 2009

Virtual Iron Software was acquired by Oracle Corporation

Capital Report Index

November, 2007

Virtual Iron Software raised $13M in a Series D round from Brookside Capital, Goldman Sachs, Intel Capital, SAP Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, and Matrix Partners

Virtual Iron gets $13 million in new financial round, outlines new strategy

September, 2005

Virtual Iron Software raised $11.5M in a Series C round from Goldman Sachs, Merchant Banking Devision, Highland Capital Partners, Matrix Partners, SAP Ventures, and Intel Capital


Virtual Iron Software was founded in 2003