Privilege Management

Viewfinity is the only solution that has complete whitelisting and administrative privilege capabilities to protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks, malware, and advanced persistent threats. For more information, visit ...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $27M

02451 303 Wyman Street
Suite 300


Phone: 781.522-7474

Updated on Oct 2, 2013
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Leonid Shtilman CEO
Dmitry Barboi CTO
John Hamilton COO
Alex Shoykhet VP of Product Development
Mary Rose VP of Marketing
Thomas Neustaetter Director
Nilanjana Bhowmik Director
Janet Strackhouse VP of Business Development
Zvi Schechter Director
Gil Rapaport President
Anatoly Kardash VP of R&D

October, 2013

Viewfinity raised $1.5M in debt_round round


September, 2012

Viewfinity raised $8.5M in a Series C round from Longworth Venture Partners, Giza Venture Capital, and JK&B Capital

Viewfinity Raises $8.5M in Series C Funding

November, 2011

Viewfinity raised $5M in unattributed round

Viewfinity bumps funding round to $5M

March, 2011

rounded up $3 million in a securities offering of debt, options and warrants

Viewfinity gets $3M financing

June, 2010

Viewfinity named in 'Hottest Boston Companies' List

Lead411 Launches Hottest Boston Companies List

February, 2010

Viewfinity raised $9M in a Series B round from Giza Venture Capital, JK&B Capital, and Longworth Venture Partners

Viewfinity Secures $9M in Series B Funding; Expands Advisory Board

March, 2008

Viewfinity raised $3M in unattributed round

Viewfinity gets $3M financing


Viewfinity was founded in 2007