United Mobile

Low cost international calling

United Mobile allows travelers to use their cell phones and make calls at low prices (without roaming fees) while traveling abroad. The company operates a global cell network and sells United Mobile SIM cards that enable a user’s cell phone...

Total money raised: $515M

Schaffhauserstrasse 121


Phone: +423 663 099 911

Updated on Jul 17, 2012
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Alexander Trommen Chief Marketing Officer
Hussein Kanji
Sven Donhuysen Board
Morten Sondergaard investor

April, 2009


January, 2008

United Mobile raised $315M in a Series B round from Accel Partners

November, 2007

United Mobile raised $200M in a Series A round from Ammer!Partners, Carrington Equity, Geitner Investment, Grazia Equity, and Morten Lund