Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (Ubiquiti) designs, manufactures and sells broadband wireless solutions worldwide. The Company offers a portfolio of wireless networking products and solutions, including systems, high performance radios, antennas and...


95134 91 E. Tasman Drive

San Jose
San Jose

Phone: (408) 942-3085

Updated on Mar 8, 2014
Ubiquiti Networks at CrunchBase
Josiah Spartz Sr Javascript Architect
Peter Y. Chung Boards of Directors
Alan Cohen Advisor
Leonard C. Ferrington Board Director
Mark Attew Sr. Technical Writer

October, 2011

Ubiquiti Networks IPO
Stock symbol: NASDAQ:UBNT

March, 2010

Ubiquiti Networks raised unknown amount in unattributed round from Summit Partners