Pay OTT TV platform

Formed in 2007 especially for the advent of Over-the-Top TV (OTT TV), Tvinci’s award-winning platform enables its customers – TV operators, telcos and media companies – to create a personalized, social TV experience for end-users consuming premium...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 50
Total money raised: $6.1M

Head office

61574 52 A' HaMasger st.
P.O. 57572

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Phone: +972542334436

Updated on Nov 6, 2012
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Ron Tamir Chairman of the Board
Ofer Shayo CEO / Co-founder
Avidan Lamdan CTO
Amir Eilat VP Product Marketing
Ido Wiesenberg VP Buisness Development / co-founder
Yonatan Sela VP Marketing
Guy Barkan CTO / Co-founder

October, 2012

Tvinci raised $4.5M in unattributed round from Kaedan Capital Group, Zohar Gilon, and Trellas Enterprises

Tvinci Raises $4.5M in Funding

Tvinci received $4.5M in Venture Round funding

Video Platform Startup Tvinci Raises $4.5 Million To Help Cable Companies Build Streaming Video Apps

February, 2009

Tvinci raised $1.6M in a Series A round from Zohar Gilon and Kaedan Capital Group

Tvinci Raises $1.6 Million For Custom Internet TV Solutions (TechCrunch)


Tvinci was founded in 2007