TouchTunes Interactive Networks

TouchTunes brings the world’s most innovative technologies to social venues and has become the largest interactive entertainment platform in North America. We provide entertainment and marketing solutions to over 60,000 bars and restaurants...

Founded in 1998
Total money raised: $45M

10022 850 Third Ave
Suite 15C

New York
New York

Phone: 212.991.6540

Charles Goldstuck President & CEO
Jim Wilson COO
Michael Tooker CTO
Patricia Shores CMO
Patrick Barry CFO
David Paschkes Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales
Phil Cohn Senior Vice President, Sales
David Lane VP Business Development
Ed Rivera Chief Innovation Officer
Pam Schoenfeld Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Colin McCabe Director of Platform
Eric Saint-Jacques Senior Vice President, Business Operations
Tim Mahlman Advisor
Steve Brecher COO
Rich Kang Senior Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Solutions Venture
Christian McMahan Chief Marketing Officer
Pierre Trudeau Vice President of Research & Development
Patrick Gallagher Board of Directors

August, 2011

TouchTunes Interactive Networks raised $45M in unattributed round from 3i Group and VantagePoint Capital Partners

TouchTunes Interactive Networks Receives $45M Investment


TouchTunes Interactive Networks was founded in 1998