Security and Malware Protection

ThreatMetrix is the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime prevention solutions. The ThreatMetrix™ Cybercrime Defender Platform helps companies protect customer data and secure transactions against payment fraud, malware, account...

Founded in 2005
Total money raised: $36.4M

Corporate Headquarters

95113 160 West Santa Clara Street
Suite 1400

San Jose
San Jose

Phone: 1-408-200-5755

Updated on Sep 16, 2013
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Reed Taussig President and CEO & Board of Director
Phil Steffora Vice President of Global Networks and Chief Security Officer
Alisdair Faulkner Chief Products Officer
John Kirst Senior Vice President of Field Operations
Sam Hageman Vice President of Finance
Bert Rankin Vice President of Marketing
Andreas Baumhof Vice President of Technology
Benjamin Boyer Board Observer
Rick Lewis Board of Directors
Rhonda MacLean Board of Directors
Stephen Topliss Services and Support Director
Frank Tereul Chief Financial Officer
Stewart Gollmer Board observer
Mark Gill Board of Directors
Vivek Mehra Board of Directors
Steven Boutelle Board of Directors
David L. Jones Founder & CTO
Bert Rankin Vice President of Marketing
Lance Jacobs Vice President of Sales
Tom Grubb Vice President of Marketing
Neil Katz
Bruce Scott
Bruce Scott Vice President of Worldwide Engineering
Steve Krausz Board of Directors
Scott Thomas Director, ThreatCenter, Bots and Malware
Bert Rankin Vice President of Marketing
Phil Steffora

September, 2012

ThreatMetrix named to The Wall Street Journal's "Next Big Thing" ranking

Looking for the 'Next Big Thing'? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups

March, 2012

ThreatMetrix raised $18M in a Series D round from August Capital

ThreatMetrix wants to enter the BYOD scene, raises $18M

February, 2012

ThreatMetrix acquires TrustDefender

December, 2011

ThreatMetrix raised $151.4K in seed round


October, 2010

ThreatMetrix raised $12.1M in a Series C round from Tenaya Capital, US Venture Partners, CM Capital Investments, and Technology Venture Partners

ThreatMetrix Raises $12.1M To Detect Fraud On Social Networks, Gaming Platforms And More

October, 2009

ThreatMetrix raised $6.1M in a Series B round from CM Capital Investments and Technology Venture Partners

ThreatMetrix brings in $6.1M to fend off online fraud


ThreatMetrix was founded in 2005