A social mobile music platform

TastemakerX is where music lovers can do what they most want to do with music online: discover, listen to and share their tastes. With TastemakerX, people can discover music by exploring other people’s curated artist Collections, listen to and...

Founded in 2011
Total money raised: $3.1M

TastemakerX HQ

94110 890 Rhode Island St

San Francisco
San Francisco
Updated on Nov 27, 2013
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Sandro Pugliese Founder, CTO/CPO
Marc Ruxin Founder, CEO
Jai Choi Seed Investor
Paul Bricault Advisor
Gabe Kangas Mobile Lead
Jose M. Hernandez Engineer
Jesse Jimenez Co-founding Engineer & VP Software Development
Andy Kieffer VP Product Development

March, 2013

TastemakerX raised $1.3M in a Series B round from Baseline Ventures, True Ventures, Alara Capital, and AOL Ventures

TastemakerX Raises Another $1.25M To Position Itself As “Fantasy League” For Bands

March, 2012

Social Mobile Game for Music Fans and Influencers TastemakerX Music App Launches in Time for 2012 Concert Season; Available for iPhone and iPod touch

February, 2012

TastemakerX raised $1.8M in a Series A round from Guggenheim Partners, Baseline Ventures, True Ventures, Tekton Ventures, and AOL Ventures

TastemakerX, The App For Hipsters Who Totally Heard That Band First, Raises $1.8M


TastemakerX was founded in 2011