Tapad Inc., is an ad technology firm renowned for its breakthrough, unified, cross-device advertising solutions. The company offers the largest in-market opportunity for advertisers to address the new and ever-evolving reality of media consumption...

Founded in 2010
Total money raised: $8.3M


10018 307 7th Avenue
Suite 2001

New York
New York

Phone: 646-290-5860

Updated on Sep 29, 2013
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David S. Kidder Investor
Barry Silbert Investor
David Rosenblatt Investor
Jeremy Arnon Investor
Michael Flannery Investor
Mikkel Eriksen Investor
Paul Olliver Investor
Scott Switzer Investor
Are Traasdahl President
Nick Jordan Product and Strategy
Sean Neems Director of Sales
Michael Barrett Board Member
Brian O'Kelley Investor
Dave Morgan Investor
Geoff Judge Investor
Ben Arnon Investor
Mike Yavonditte Investor
Mikkel Sandvik Investor
Robert Johnston Investor
Spring Capital Investor
Andrew Reis Investor and Advisory Board Member
Michael Moss Engineering
Rick Heitzmann Board Member
Jeff Samberg Investor
Max Samis Business Development
Nihal Mehta Angel Investor

March, 2013

Tapad raised $6.5M in a Series B round from FirstMark Capital, Avalon Ventures, and FirstHand Technologies

Mobile Ad Targeter Tapad Raises $6.5 Million, Valued at $140 Million

February, 2013

Announced hire of new SVP of Product & Strategy, Nick Jordan and new VP of Engineering, Michael Moss.

Tapad Bolsters Senior Product & Technology Teams With Ex- Adobe/Demdex and Clear Channel Execs

March, 2011

Tapad raised $1.8M in angel funding from Brian O'Kelley, Barry Silbert, David S. Kidder, Dave Morgan, David Rosenblatt, Geoff Judge, Jeremy Arnon, Mike Yavonditte, Mikkel Eriksen, Mikkel Sandvik, Paul Olliver, Robert Johnston, Scott Switzer, Spring Capital Partners, Avalon Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, Nihal Mehta, Ed Zander, Quotidian Ventures, FirstMark Capital, Jeff Samberg, and Lerer Ventures

Tapad Announces Investors in First Real-time Advertising Platform for Smart Devices


Tapad was founded in 2010