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Symform develops cost effective solutions to large scale distributed data management problems. The Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud is a solution that combines the best practices of disaster recovery, data security and distributed networking...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $19.5M

98104 1008 Western Ave
Suite 400

Updated on Sep 26, 2013
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Mark Ashida CEO
Bassam Tabbara Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
Nilanjana Bhowmik Director
Matthew J. Schiltz President and CEO
Praerit Garg Co-founder
Matthew J. Schiltz CEO
Chris Boscolo Vice President of Engineering
Bob DeSantis SVP of Commercial Operations (Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Support)
Omri Gazitt Senior Vice President of Product Development
Bob DeSantis Senior VP, Global Sales & Business Development
Kevin Brown VP, Sales and Marketing

April, 2012

Symform raised $11M in a Series B round from WestRiver Capital, OVP Venture Partners, Longworth Venture Partners, and Second Century Ventures

Enterprise Cloud Storage And Peer-To-Peer Backup Service Symform Raises $11M

January, 2012

Symform raised $2M in unattributed round from Westfield Capital Management, OVP Venture Partners, and Longworth Venture Partners

Symform gets $2 million for peer-to-peer ‘cloud’ storage

September, 2011

Symform raised $1M in partial round


July, 2010

Symform raised $4M in unattributed round from Longworth Venture Partners and OVP Venture Partners


April, 2009

Symform raised $1.5M in a Series A round from OVP Venture Partners

OVP Invests $1.5M in Cloud Data Storage Startup, Symform

November, 2007

The Peer-to-Peer Network is Born: Entrepreneurs Bassam Tabbara and Praerit Garg had hit a wall. They were toying with the idea of offering personal computers as a service, but their design required the personal information stored on PCs to be held somewhe


Symform was founded in 2007