SwapDrive is an online storage solution. The service aims to help users backup, store and access their data much the same way they obtain everyday utility services. In addition to online data backup, SwapDrive offers file sharing, large file...

Founded in 1998
Total money raised: $4.7M

20004 1313 F St NW


Phone: (202) 393-9900

Updated on Aug 1, 2011
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Roland Schumann COO
Marc Wallace CTO
David Steinberg CEO

June, 2008

SwapDrive was acquired by Symantec
for $123M

Symantec Buys Online Backup Service SwapDrive For $123 Million

May, 2002

SwapDrive raised $2.7M in a Series A round from Core Capital Partners, John Burt, and Barry Goldsmith

SwapDrive Closes $2.65 Million Funding Round

May, 2001

SwapDrive raised $2M in a Series A round from Contour Venture Partners and ASAP Ventures

February, 2001

SwapDrive acquired WhaleMail

SwapDrive Acquires WhaleMail


SwapDrive was founded in 1998