Home Solar Power Service

Sunrun is the nation’s largest home solar company and invented solar power service, a way for homeowners to go solar without the high upfront costs. Sunrun owns, insures, monitors and maintains the solar panels on a homeowner’s roof, while...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 180
Total money raised: $336.6M

San Francisco HQ

94105 595 Market St., 29th Floor

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: 855.478.6786

Updated on Jan 19, 2014
Sunrun at CrunchBase
Edward Fenster Chief Executive Officer
Lynn Jurich President
Charles Moldow Board Observer
Steve Vassallo Board Member
David Buzby
Richard Wong Board Director
Warren Hogarth BOD Observer/Investor
Nat Kreamer Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer
Kirstin Hoefer Marketing and Web Experience Consultant
Tom Harvey Director, Sales & Marketing

October, 2013

Sunrun raised $1.6M in grant round from SunShot Initiative fund

Sunrun Receives SunShot $1.6M For Fully Automated Solar Design System

June, 2013

Sunrun secures $630M to put solar panels on every house in America

May, 2012

Sunrun raised $60M in a Series D round from Madrone Capital Partners, Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Foundation Capital

Sunrun raises $60M for residential solar service

October, 2010

Solar Co. SunRun Raises Project Financing Funds From US Bancorp

June, 2010

Sunrun raised $55M in a Series C round from Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and Foundation Capital

Homerun For SunRun: Sequoia Capital Leads $55 Million Financing

Sunrun raised $100M in debt_round round

PG&E Corporation and SunRun Create $100 Million Home Solar Financing Fund

December, 2009

Sunrun raised $90M in debt_round round from U.S. Bancorp

SunRun Adds $90M From US Bancorp, Hopes for 2010 Solar Boom

July, 2009

Sunrun raised $18M in a Series B round from Accel Partners and Foundation Capital

SunRun Snags $18M to Keep Muni Competitors Away

June, 2008

Sunrun raised $12M in a Series A round from Foundation Capital, Gregory Avis, and Parker Weil

Foundation Capital leads $12M Sun Run Generation funding


Sunrun was founded in 2007