Personal Style Discovery Platform

StyleCaster is a fashion platform that brings together fashion content, community and shopping.

Founded in 2007
Employees: 18
Total money raised: $5M

10001-6936 49 W 27th St Uppr A

New York City
New York City

Phone: 646.300.8350

Updated on Aug 16, 2013
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Maverick Carter Co-Founder
Albert Azout Co-Founder
Ari S. Goldberg Founder and CEO
Laurel Pinson Editor in Chief
Matt Knapp VP of Technology
Sam Stahl VP of Sales
David A. Goldberg President and Co-Founder
Gretchen Tibbits VP Finance & Operations
Brandon Perlman Co-Founder, Partner
Doug McCormick Board of Director
Doug Imbruce Co-Founder
Meghan Cross Director of Communications
Josh Linkner Board of Directors
Drew Butler Vice President of Technology
Meg Cuna
Emily Washkowitz Director of Business Development

October, 2012

StyleCaster acquired Daily Makeover


November, 2011

StyleCaster raised $1M in a Series A round from David Ko, Owen Van Natta, Japony, Makeover Solutions, Village Ventures, and Detroit Venture Partners

StyleCaster grabs $1M from Zynga exec David Ko, Owen Van Natta and others

July, 2009

StyleCaster raised $4M in a Series A round from Dan Gilbert

StyleCaster Nets $4 Million For Personalized Fashion Community

April, 2007

StyleCaster was founded on April, 2007