Real-time Data Compression

Storwize, Inc. is the only provider of real-time data compression solutions that dramatically boost storage space on network storage environments. Storwize appliances are installed between the organization’s storage arrays and their network....

Founded in 2004
Total money raised: $28M


01752 225 Cedar Hill Street
Suite 200


Phone: 1-888-978-6794

Updated on Jul 9, 2010
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Tags:   capacity   capacity-optimization   compression   dedupe   deduplication   instancing   optimization   primary   primary-storage   single   single-instancing   storage

Amos Talmor Investor, partner and founder
Gal Naor Founder
Yoni Amit CTO
Ed Walsh CEO
Ori Bauer Vice President, Engineering
Steve Kenniston VP Technology Strategy
Mary Henry CFO
Roger Cummings Vice President, Worldwide Sales
Hani Lerman CFO
Roger Cummings Sr. VP of Worldwide Sales
Stewart Gollmer Board Member
Adam Fisher Board Member
Shmil Levy BOD

June, 2010

Storwize was acquired by IBM
for $140M

IBM close to buying Storwize for $140 million, says Israeli site

Storwize Inc was named in the Lead411's "Hottest Boston Companies" list.

Lead411's "Hottest Boston Companies" awards

April, 2008

Storwize raised $19M in a Series C round from Bessemer Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Lehman Brothers

Storwize Secures $19M

June, 2007

Storwize raised $9M in a Series B round from Sequoia Capital

Storewiz raises $9M for online storage compression appliance

January, 2004

Storwize was founded on January, 2004