Springleaf Therapeutics

SpringLeaf Therapeutics is creating innovative therapeutic modalities to address serious disease and elevate the quality of care for patients. SpringLeaf’s technology is based on convergent science and is designed to enable and differentiate...

Total money raised: $23.3M

02215 8 St. Mary's Street
Suite 601


Phone: 1-617-358-4927

Updated on Nov 8, 2013
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Frank Bobe CEO
Pieter Muntendam President and CEO
Kurt Graves Board of Directors
Michael A. Greeley Board of Directors

July, 2011

Springleaf Therapeutics raised $19M in a Series B round from Excel Venture Management and GSK Venture Fund


November, 2009

Springleaf Therapeutics raised $4.2M in a Series A round from Flybridge Capital Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners

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