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SplashCast allows users to watch their favorite TV shows where you already spend your time online: in Facebook and MySpace. SplashCast immerses you in an experience where you can see the reactions of other viewers, share your own reactions, and...

Employees: 8
Total money raised: $4M

Updated on Aug 5, 2009
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Kim Ramage Co-Founder/Director of Operations
Brock Henderson Co-Founder/CTO
Mike Berkley Co-Founder/CEO
Tom Turnbull VP of Business Development
Mark Bayliss Board
Tim Lane VP of Sales
Marshall Kirkpatrick Director of Content
Alex Williams Director of Community Development

June, 2009


March, 2008

SplashCast raised $4M in a Series A round from Mark Bayliss

Video Widgeteer SplashCast Gets $4M