Sorbent Therapeutics

Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc. develops treatment for end stage renal disease patients undergoing dialysis. The company develops fluid retaining polymers for therapeutic uses, such as treatment of kidney diseases. Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc. was founded...

Founded in 2005
Total money raised: $84.4M

94085 710 Lakeway Drive
Suite 290


Phone: 847-996-1500

Updated on Dec 30, 2013
Sorbent Therapeutics at CrunchBase
Randall E Woods Chairman
William R. Rajski Co-founder
Tom O'Neil Chief Financial Officer Consultant
Detlef Albrecht President & CEO
Linda De Young Senior Vice President, Development
Howard C. Dittrich CMO
Jason Levin Chief Business Officer
Scott Minick Board Member

April, 2013

Sorbent Therapeutics raised $2.5M in unattributed round from ARCH Venture Partners and Sofinnova Ventures

August, 2012

Sorbent Therapeutics raised $18.1M in partial round from ARCH Venture Partners, Novartis Venture Fund, and Sofinnova Ventures


June, 2012

Sorbent Therapeutics raised $6M in debt_round round


June, 2011

Sorbent Therapeutics raised $36M in a Series B round from Novartis Venture Fund, Sofinnova Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, CMEA Capital, and AgeChem Venture Fund

Sorbent Therapeutics Completes $36 Million Series B Financing for Net of $53 Million

September, 2010

Sorbent Therapeutics raised $21.8M in a Series B round from AgeChem Venture Fund, CMEA Capital, Sofinnova Ventures, and ARCH Venture Partners

Sorbent Raises $21.8M Series B, Names New CEO


Sorbent Therapeutics was founded in 2005