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Songza predicts what you’re doing or feeling and then serves an expertly-curated playlist designed to make it better. Songza offers playlists for improving activities such as waking up, working out, commuting, concentrating, unwinding,...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $6.7M

11101 526 46th Ave
2nd Floor

Long Island City
Long Island City
Updated on Sep 18, 2013
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Elias Roman CEO
Peter Asbill COO
Elliott Breece Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Eric Davich CCO
Brad Hayward Manager, Content & Curation
Michael Henson CTO
Jeff Hennion Advisor
Aza Raskin Co-founder
Scott Robbin Co-founder

September, 2013

Songza raised $4.7M in private_equity round from Amazon, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Lerer Ventures, Deep Fork Capital, Metamorphic Ventures, Troy Carter, Scooter Braun, Gary Vaynerchuk, Geoff Judge, and Nicole Junkermann

Songza Raises $4.7 Million Funding Round To Develop Advertising You May Actually Enjoy

August, 2012

Songza Music Streaming App Nabs 2 Million New Users Since June With More Than 50% Retention Rate

September, 2011

Songza raised $2M in unattributed round from Deep Fork Capital, Geoff Judge, David Hirsch, Jon Whelan, Amazon, and Tom First Closes Financing Round

October, 2008

Songza was acquired by Amie Street

Amie Street Swallowed Songza Six Months Ago

November, 2007

Songza was founded on November, 2007