Sol Voltaics

Founded in 2007, Sol Voltaics AB is a venture-backed, development-stage nanotechnology company focused on development and commercialization of highly efficient, third-generation photovoltaic concentrator solar cells based on its proprietary...

Founded in 2007
Total money raised: $22.5M

223 70 Scheelevägen 17
Ideon Science Park


Phone: 46-46-286-4840

Updated on Sep 17, 2013
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September, 2013

Sol Voltaics raised $9.4M in private_equity round from Nano Future Invest, Foundation Asset Management (FAM), Kent Janer, Umoe, and Industrifonden

Swedish Solar Startup Sol Voltaics Raises $9.4M

June, 2013

Sol Voltaics raised $6M in debt_round round from Swedish Energy Agency

Sol Voltaics: GaAs Nanowires for Solar Cells Get $6M

June, 2011

Sol Voltaics raised $5.9M in unattributed round from Industrifonden

Sol Voltaics Raises SEK40M in Funding

July, 2008

Sol Voltaics raised $1.2M in a Series A round from Teknoinvest


Sol Voltaics was founded in 2007