Social Prediction and Analytics

Sociocast’s Big Data platform provides businesses with predictive analytics for their high volume, time-ordered data sets. Our first solution is focused on the Advertising & Media vertical where we help data aggregators, ad networks, and ad...

Founded in 2010
Employees: 12
Total money raised: $5.9M

10010 36 West 25th St.
7th Floor

New York
New York

Phone: 6463008358

Updated on Mar 27, 2014
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Albert Azout Founder & CEO
Scott Hoffman Chief Operating Officer
Giri Iyengar CTO
Suren Hiraman VP of Technology
Tim Hanlon Advisor
Thomas Wisniewski Angel Investor
Josh Linkner Board Member
Gna Phetsarath Senior Hadoop Wrangler
David A. Goldberg Advisor
Ted Serbinski Board Observer
Ari S. Goldberg Co-Founder
Steve Morin VP Product
Jeffrey Silverman Board Member

February, 2013

Sociocast raised $1M in unattributed round from Raptor Ventures

Sociocast Raises $1M in Funding

December, 2011

Sociocast raised $1.5M in unattributed round from Detroit Venture Partners, Bobby Yazdani, Joe Zawadzki, and Doug Imbruce

Sociocast Raises $1.5 Million For "Big Data" Analytics Solutions

October, 2011

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March, 2011

Sociocast raised $1.8M in a Series B round from Detroit Venture Partners

Web audience startup Sociocast raises $1.75m

January, 2010

Sociocast raised $1.6M in a Series A round from Dan Gilbert


Sociocast was founded on January, 2010