Smashwords is a distributor of ebooks serving independent authors and publishers. Smashwords allows authors and publishers to digitally publish and distribute ebooks to leading ebook retailers including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo. ...

Founded in 2008

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Updated on Aug 21, 2013
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Mark Coker Founder & CEO
Keri McKie CFO & Board Director
Bill Kendrick CTO & Lead Developer
Jim Azevedo Marketing Manager

December, 2011

Smashwords 2011 Year in Review - Reaches 92,000 published ebooks

Smashwords Blog

May, 2011

Smashwords announced it published its 50,000 ebook and 20,000th author.

Smashwords Publishes 50,000th Ebook and 20,000th Author

October, 2010

Smashwords publishes one billionth word

November, 2009

Smashwords acquired Bookhabit for $1M

eBook Distributor Smashwords Buys Online Self-Publisher BookHabit

May, 2008

Smashwords was founded on May, 2008