Simpa Networks

Pay-as-you-go solar for the BOP

Simpa Networks sells access to clean energy on a pay-as-you-go-basis to customers at the base of the economic pyramid (“BoP”). Simpa has created a technology platform and business model that makes sustainable energy choices...

Founded in 2010
Employees: 7
Total money raised: $1.1M

US Headquarters

94114 San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: (415) 608.4206

Updated on Oct 26, 2011
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Michael MacHarg Co-Founder
Paul Needham Co-founder
Jacob Winiecki Co-Founder

December, 2010

Simpa Networks raised $1.1M in unattributed round

Simpa Networks gets $1.1M to sell affordable solar power

March, 2010

Simpa Networks was founded on March, 2010