SideStep is a metasearch engine for travel which makes money through advertising and referral fees. It searches more than 200 websites looking for the best travel deals. SideStep has recently been aggressive in building up its offerings. They...

Founded in 1999
Employees: 75
Total money raised: $32M

95051 2980 Bowers Ave.

Santa Clara
Santa Clara

Phone: 408-235-1700

Updated on Jan 12, 2011
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Brian Barth Board
Robert Soloman President & CEO
Rob Solomon President & Chief Executive Officer
Eric Rosenzweig Executive Vice President
Sam Shank VP, Business Development
Natraj Gujran Software Architect
Robert Abbott Board of Director
Bob Abbott Board Member
Woody Marshall Board member
Mark Johnson Product Manager
Ian White Web Developer
Rishi Khaitan Product Manager

December, 2007

SideStep was acquired by KAYAK
for $180M


February, 2007

SideStep raised $15M in a Series C round from Leader Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Saints Capital, and Trident Capital

January, 2004

SideStep raised $8M in a Series B round from Trident Capital

October, 2000

SideStep raised $6.8M in a Series A round from Lehman Brothers

December, 1999

SideStep raised $2.2M in a Series A round from Lehman Brothers

November, 1999

SideStep was founded on November, 1999