Shapeways is the world’s leading 3D printing marketplace and community. The NY start-up harnesses 3D printing to help anyone turn ideas into a physical reality, making product design more accessible, personal, and inspiring. Shapeways...

Founded in 2007
Employees: 20
Total money raised: $48.5M

Shapeways HQ

10016 419 Park Ave South

New York
New York
Updated on Apr 29, 2013
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Peter Weijmarshausen CEO and Co-Founder
Marleen Vogelaar CFO and Co-Founder
Simon Levene Investor, Board Observer
Albert Wenger Director
Elisa Richardson PR & Communications Manager
Chris Dixon Board
Zack Schildhorn Board Observer
Robert Schouwenburg CTO and Co-Founder
Nancy Liang Product Lead for Materials

April, 2013

Shapeways raised $30M in a Series C round from Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, and Lux Capital

3D Printing Company Shapeways Raises $30 Million C Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

March, 2013

Shapeways raised $1.2M in debt_round round from New York City Investment Fund

Partnership Fund Invests $1.2 Million for LIC Factory Build Out

June, 2012

Shapeways raised $6.2M in a Series B round from Lux Capital, Union Square Ventures, and Index Ventures

After Printing Over 1M 3D Objects, Shapeways Raises $6.2M Round Led By Lux Capital

November, 2011

Shapeways raised $5.1M in a Series B round from Index Ventures and Union Square Ventures

3D Printing Startup Shapeways Raises $5.1 Million, Plans NYC Production Facility

September, 2010

Shapeways raised $6M in a Series A round from Index Ventures and Union Square Ventures

Shapeways lands $5 million for 3D printing

March, 2007

Shapeways was founded on March, 2007