Sequans Communications

Sequans Communications, SA develops and supplies subscriber station and base station chips for fixed and mobile wimax. The company also offers a solution with MAC and PHY functionality for equipment manufacturers, which enables to build various...

Founded in 2003
Total money raised: $9.3M

92073 Bâtiment Citicenter
19 Le Parvis de La Défense

Cedex, Paris
Cedex, Paris

Phone: 33 1 70 72 16 00

Updated on Sep 18, 2012
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Georges Karam Founder
Deborah Choate CFO
Ashok Dhuna Vice President of Technology
Bernard Aboussouan VP Marketing & Business Development
Michael Class VP Sales, Americas, VP Worldwide Sales

November, 2009

Sequans Communications raised unknown amount in unattributed round from Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

Sequans Secures Funding from Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola Ventures for LTE Development

February, 2005

Sequans Communications raised $9.3M in a Series B round from I-Source Gestion, Vision Capital, SG Asset Management Private Equity, Add Partners, and CapDecisif


Sequans Communications was founded in 2003