Linden Lab

Linden Lab is the company that created The Second Life Grid platform and hosts the Second Life virtual world. The Second Life Grid is the technology platform used to power the Second Life virtual world. In 2007, Linden Lab opened the Second Life...

Founded in 1999
Employees: 300
Total money raised: $19M

Cambridge Office

02451 1 Broadway St.
Floor 9-14


Phone: (415) 243-9000

Updated on Jul 7, 2013
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Rod Humble CEO
Malcolm Dunne CFO
Lee Senderov VP of Marketing
John Laurence VP of Product
Kathy Humphreys VP of Human Resources
Philip Rosedale Board of Directors
Bill Gurley Board Director
Don Laabs Senior Director, Product
Mitch Kapor Board Member
Mitchell Kapor Director
Jed Smith Board Director
Torley Wong Resident Enlightenment Manager
Jeff Peterson VP of Engineering
Will Wright Board Member
Mark Kingdon President and CEO
Bob Komin COO and CFO
Bob Komin COO & CFO
Tom Hale Chief Product Officer
John Zdanowski CFO
Rhett Woods VP, Product
Sandy Gould VP of HR, Second Life
Robin Ducot VP, Web Development
David Fleck VP Marketing & Business Development
Ginsu Yoon VP, Corporate Development
Robin Harper VP, Marketing & Community Develop
James Currier Board Director
Frank Ambrose SVP Global Technology
Hunter Walk Director Product & Marketing
Jessica Zollman Customer Relations
Andrea Cisternino Sr. Executive Assistant
Katherine de León Community Manager
Brian Frank Product Consultant
Tom Hale SVP and GM, Communications and Training Business Unit
Beth Gray Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Noah Gift Head of Web Engineering
Joe Miller VP, Platform & Technology Develop
Melinda Byerley Head of Marketplaces
Fredrik Björk Director of Web Engineering
Alfonso Hooker Director of IT
Jane Ha Visual Designer
Johan Gozali Technical Program Manager
Dylan Bromley Development Director
Marc Raymond Senior Producer of Product
Alex Lovell-Troy Head of Payments

July, 2013

Linden Lab acquired Desura

Second Life Maker Linden Lab Buys Desura For Games Distribution, Plans To Keep It Open

January, 2013

Linden Lab acquired BLOCKSWORLD


August, 2012

Malcolm Dunne joins Linden Lab as CFO

December, 2010

Rod Humble has become the company's Chief Executive Officer. Humble joins Linden Lab from Electronic Arts, where he was Executive Vice President for its EA Play label.

Second Life's New Leader: Rod Humble Becomes CEO of Linden Lab

January, 2010

Linden Lab acquired Enemy Unknown

Linden Lab acquires Avatars United, Enemy Unknown AB

January, 2009

Linden Lab acquired XStreet SL

Linden Lab Acquires Two Virtual Goods Trading Sites

Linden Lab acquired onRez

Linden Lab Acquires Two Virtual Goods Trading Sites

March, 2006

Linden Lab raised $11M in a Series B round from Benchmark, Catamount Ventures, Kapor Enterprises, Inc., Omidyar Network, Mitch Kapor, Jeff Bezos, and Globespan Capital Partners

'Second Life' scores $11 million in funding

October, 2004

Linden Lab raised $8M in a Series A round from Benchmark, Catamount Ventures, Kapor Enterprises, Inc., Omidyar Network, and Mitch Kapor

Second Life Boosted with $8 Million in New Financing; Linden Lab and Benchmark Capital Aim for the Metaverse


Linden Lab was founded in 1999