Refining data collaboratively

ScraperWiki is a place where a worldwide community of data scientists meet to liberate public and private data. They GET, CLEAN and ANALYSE data (PDFs, HTML, Excel Files, etc) on the ScraperWiki platform. The data can be kept private and secure...

Founded in 2010
Employees: 10
Total money raised: $1.2M

L3 5RF Liverpool Science Park
146 Brownlow Hill


Phone: 07970 543358

Updated on Jun 5, 2013
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Tags:   cloud   collaboration   database   information   software   software-collaboration

Aidan McGuire Founder / CFO
Francis Irving CEO
Aine McGuire CMO
Julian Todd Founder
Richard Pope Director

February, 2012

ScraperWiki raised $1M in unattributed round from The North West Fund

ScraperWiki Completes $1M Funding

June, 2011

ScraperWiki awarded Knight Foundation grant to help expand its offering to journalists and other users around the world.

ScraperWiki and Open Knowledge Foundation win grants to help data journalism

January, 2010

ScraperWiki was founded on January, 2010

December, 2009

ScraperWiki raised $190.4K in seed round

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