global services firm

Sapient is a global services company that helps clients transform in the areas of business, marketing, and technology. The company operates three divisions that enable clients to gain a competitive advantage and succeed in an increasingly digital...

Founded in 1990
Employees: 10,000
Total money raised: $2.4M


02116 131 Dartmouth Street


Phone: 617-621-0200

Updated on Aug 31, 2013
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Jerry Greenberg Chairman
Rob Gonda Director of Emerging Technologies
Laurie MacLaren Executive Sponsor of Sapient Women’s Leadership Network
Jerry Greenberg Founder & Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Alan Herrick President and Chief Executive Officer and Board Co-Chairman
Preston B. Bradford Chief Information Officer, President of Sapient Canada
Sheeroy D. Desai COO
Dr. Christian Oversohl Sr. Vice President and Europe Lead
Alan Herrick Executive Vice President
Tracy Keogh SVP, People Strategy
Rob Milstead Vice President / Director - Southeast / Director Retail / Program Manager
Andrew Milmoe Sr. Information Architect
Jean-Paul Cozzatti
Jennifer Wolf Director of User Experience
Ben Ward Senior Architect
Jimmy John Senior Software Engineer
John Funge Director of Business Development
Vivek Pathak Project Manager
James Bailey Senior Engineer
Nik Bonaddio Associate
Pam Kulik Web Content Strategiest
Jim Counihan Legal Counsel
MJ Eng Project Manager
William Murphy led teams
Jason McCay Information Architect
James Brooke Manager, Business Development
Matt Jones Creative Director
Freddie Laker Director of Strategy - Asia
Brandon Schauer Manager of User Experience
Alan Wexler Vice President and Managing Director
Laurie MacLaren General Manager
William Kanarick Leadership
Frank Schettino Leadership
Jerry Greenberg Board of Directors
Tim Schulz Consultant
khalid Saleh Sr. Consultant
Zack Gottlieb Project Manager/Creative Lead
Nobuya Sato Creative Lead
Charles Sieh Consultant
Gordon Allott Director
Manish Handa Sr. Associate
Brandy Thomas Senior Manager Business Consulting
Marco Wolfsheimer Senior Interactive Developer
Jon Sugihara Engineer
Michael Zagorsek Manager
Ofer Ronen Developer
Premal Parikh Director of Program Mangement
Jim Wicks Director of Strategy
Christian Schulte Project Leader
Freddie Laker Director of Strategy - Global Team
Michael Keohane Architect
Patrick Lee Sr Project Manager
Preston B. Bradford Managing Director of Sapient India and Managing Director of Sapient Government Services
Teresa Bozzelli Member of Sapient's North America Leadership Team
Chris Davey Marketing, Sales, Program Management, and Operations
Nigel Vaz Leadership

July, 2013

Sapient invested $1.5M in Guide as seed round

February, 2013

Sapient invested $1M in Guide as seed round

November, 2012

Sapient raised $2.4M in unattributed round

Sapient files for receipt of $2.4M equity


Sapient acquired DAD

Sapient acquired CLANMO

June, 2009

Sapient acquired Nitro Group LLC for $50M

Digital Agency Sapient Acquires Nitro To Boost Traditional Capabilities


Sapient acquired DCG Systems


Sapient acquired PGi

Alan Herrick becomes CEO


Sapient acquired Adjacency

Sapient acquired E-Lab

First India office opens in Gurgaon


Sapient was acquired by Studio Archetype / Sapient

Sapient opens first European office in London

April, 1996

Sapient IPO
Stock symbol: NASDAQ:SAPE


First IPO


First Sapient office opens in Cambridge, MA


Sapient was founded in 1990

Sapient founded