Developer of flash processor chips

SandForce is transforming data storage by pioneering the use of standard flash memory in enterprise, client, and industrial computing applications with its innovative SSD (Solid State Drive) Processors. By delivering unprecedented reliability,...

Founded in 2006
Total money raised: $46M

Corporate Headquarters

95035 691 S. Milpitas Blvd.


Phone: (408) 864-0700

Updated on Jul 16, 2013
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Michael Raam President & CEO
Thad Omura Vice President, Marketing
Carlton Amdahl Board of Directors
Matt Ready Vice President, Sales
Ben Englert Firmware Engineer
Steven Rowe J.D., Corporate Administration & Human Resources
Sikander Naqvi CEO
Radoslav Danilak CTO
Steffen Hellmold VP, Business Development
Andy Tomlin Vice President, Firmware & Software
Steffen Hellmold Vice President, Business Development
Ray Holzworth Vice President, Operations
Daniel Leff Investor
Carl Amdahl Investor
Ryan Floyd Board of Directors
Bernie Sardinha Vice President, Operations

October, 2011

SandForce was acquired by LSI
for $400M

LSI to Buy SandForce

February, 2011

SandForce Ships More Than One Million SSD Processors in First Year of Production

September, 2010

SandForce raised $25M in a Series D round from Canaan Partners, Storm Ventures, Translink Capital, UMC Capital, and DCM

SandForce Closes $25 Million Series D Funding

November, 2009

SandForce raised $21M in a Series C round from Translink Capital, UMC Capital, LSI, Red Maple Ventures, Storm Ventures, and DCM

SandForce Closes $21 Million Series C Funding

April, 2008

SandForce raised unknown amount in a Series B round from DCM and Storm Ventures


January, 2007

SandForce raised unknown amount in a Series A round

Venture Source

June, 2006

SandForce was founded on June, 2006