Sana Security

Enterprise Security

Sana Security is a behavioral security software company that provides enterprise security software. It offers Primary Response SafeConnect, a security software that provides protection against known and unknown threats, including spyware, adware,...

Founded in 2000
Total money raised: $12M


94403-1855 2121 South El Camino Real
Suite 700

San Mateo
San Mateo

Phone: 650-292-7100

Updated on Feb 23, 2010
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Vlad Gorelik CTO
John Zicker President
Arthur W. Coviello Director
Don Listwin CEO
Ira Sharfglass SVP, Development
Andy Leventhal VP Business Development
Jason Merrick Director, Technical Services and Operations

January, 2009

Sana Security was acquired by AVG Technologies

AVG Technologies buys Sana Security

April, 2007

Sana Security raised $12M in a Series E round from El Dorado Ventures and Bay Partners


Sana Security was founded in 2000