waveguides for the consumer electronics

RPO, Inc. develops, designs, and manufactures waveguides for the consumer electronics market. The company’s products include digital waveguide touch systems, which is a touch screen solution applied in various products, including gameplayers,...

Founded in 2005
Total money raised: $44M


95134 2880 Zanker Road
Suite 203

San Jose
San Jose

Phone: +1 408-895-1418

Updated on Oct 21, 2013
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June, 2013


September, 2010

RPO raised $15M in debt_round round from Bridge Bank and Trinity Ventures

Bridge Bank Provides $15M Debt Financing For RPO Plant

November, 2009

RPO raised $19.3M in a Series C round

RPO, Inc., Closes Supplemental Issuance of Its Series C Preferred Stock for $19.3 Million

January, 2006

RPO raised $9.7M in a Series B round from GE Commercial Finance, BASF Venture Capital, JAFCO Asia, Neo Technology Ventures, Jolimont Capital, Allen & Buckeridge, and Canberra Business Development Fund

Device Screen Technology Co. RPO Raises $9.7M Series B


RPO was founded in 2005