Cloud management solution

RightScale cloud management enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business-critical applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. RightScale provides efficient configuration, monitoring, automation, and governance of cloud...

Founded in 2006
Total money raised: $42.5M

93101 402 E. Gutierrez St.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara

Phone: 1-866-720-0208

Updated on Oct 23, 2012
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Michael Crandell Founder and CEO
Thorsten von Eicken Founder and CTO
Bailey Caldwell VP, Business Development
Rafael Saavedra Founder and VP Engineering
Josh Fraser SVP, Sales and Business Development
Jonathan Siegel Founder
John Greathouse Advisor and Investor

July, 2012

RightScale acquires PlanForCloud and offers free cloud cost forecasting to all

RightScale Introduces Cloud Cost Forecasting with Launch of PlanForCloud

February, 2012

RightScale and Equinix Partner to Bring RightScale-Ready Clouds to Equinix Data Centers

RightScale, Equinix Partner on Cloud Services

September, 2010

RightScale raised $25M in a Series C round from Tenaya Capital, DAG Ventures, Benchmark, Index Ventures, and Presidio Ventures

RightScale Closes $25M Third Venture Financing Round

December, 2008

RightScale raised $13M in a Series B round from Benchmark and Index Ventures

Expanding RightScale with $13M new funding

April, 2008

RightScale raised $4.5M in a Series A round from Benchmark

RightScale Raises $4.5 Million from Benchmark Capital


RightScale was founded in 2006