RemoteReality is the designer and manufacturer of ultra wide-angle computational cameras and video systems. Using their unique patented optics, the latest in image sensors, and their own advanced video processing, their solutions deliver high...

Total money raised: $9.3M

01581 1700 West Park Drive


Phone: 508-870-1500

Updated on Apr 19, 2013
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Denny McGinn Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors
Dr.Sergey Trubko Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist
Mike Zwolinski COO
Dr.Raghu Menon Executive Vice President, Advanced Programs & Sales
Dr.Robert Parada Vice President Engineering
Matthew McCooe Board of Directors
Khaled El-Marsafy Board of Directors

December, 2011

RemoteReality raised unknown amount in a Series C round from Connecticut Innovations and Chart Venture Partners

RemoteReality Closes Series C Funding Round

October, 2011

RemoteReality raised $2M in unattributed round

RemoteReality rounds up $2M for camera tech

December, 2006

RemoteReality raised $7.3M in unattributed round from Battelle Ventures and Chart Venture Partners

RemoteReality receives $7.3 million in VC funding