REACH Health

REACH Health is a healthcare technology company with a specialized focus on telemedicine solutions. Our technology overcomes traditional obstacles of time and distance to connect specialty physicians and patients for live consultations using...

Founded in 2006
Total money raised: $11.4M

30009 10745 Westside Way


Phone: 678.710.9009

Updated on Jul 15, 2013
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Richard Otto President and CEO
Robert Atwood COO & Board Member
Katie H. Gambill Board Director

June, 2013

REACH Health raised $4.4M in private_equity round from Buckhead Investment Partners, C&B Capital, and Council Capital

REACH Health Secures $7.4 Million in Funding

REACH Health raised $3M in debt_round round from Silicon Valley Bank

REACH Health Secures $7.4 Million in Funding

April, 2012

REACH Health raised $4M in a Series B round from Council Capital, BIP Opportunities Fund, and C&B Capital

REACH Health Secures $4M in Series B Funding


REACH Health was founded in 2006