Pure Digital Technologies

Camera developer

Pure Digital Technologies is the provider of innovative imaging solutions for the mass market, including the Flip Video family of digital camcorders. The Flip Video camera is a simple digital camcorder designed especially for Internet video...

Founded in 2001
Employees: 95
Total money raised: $68.2M

Pure Digital

94108 30 Maiden Lane, 6th Floor

San Francisco
San Francisco

Phone: (415) 445-7626

Updated on Mar 16, 2013
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Jonathan Kaplan CEO
Andre Neumann-Loreck COO
Stewart Muller EVP Sales & Marketing
Ariel Braunstein VP Products
Simon Fleming-Wood VP Marketing
Alan Henricks CFO
Michael Moritz Board Member
Dave Lu Product Marketing Manager
Bruce Dunlevie Investments
Jeffrey Jordan Board Member
Mark Mackenzie Investor

March, 2009

PureDigital is acquired by Cisco for $590 million by Cisco

It’s Official: Cisco Buys Pure Digital (Flip Video) For $590 Million

Pure Digital Technologies was acquired by Cisco
for $590M


August, 2008

Pure Digital Technologies raised $200K in seed round

A disposable digital camera enters the market at $19.99

May, 2007

Pure Digital Technologies raised $40M in a Series E round from Sequoia Capital, Benchmark, AllianceBernstein, and Morgan Stanley


September, 2006

PureDigital Unveils Flip Ultra series

Pure Digital Technologies Introduces the Flip Video Ultra Series

May, 2006

PureDigital Launches first Flip(tm) point and shoot camera technology

The Video Camera Revised

January, 2004

Pure Digital Technologies raised $28M in unattributed round from Crescendo Ventures, Benchmark, Steamboat Ventures, and Focus Ventures


September, 2001

Pure Digital Technologies was founded on September, 2001