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Pinch Media helps mobile application developers grow their businesses through free developer tools. The New York-based startup’s initial products are focused on the iPhone SDK. Pinch Analytics, Pinch Media’s first product, is a free...

Founded in 2008
Employees: 6
Total money raised: $560K

10010 915 Broadway
Suite 607

New York
New York
Updated on May 24, 2012
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Tags:   advertising   analytics   iOS   iphone   mobile   sdk

Greg Yardley Co-Founder
Jesse Rohland Co-Founder
Brad Burnham Director
Robert Marini Developer & iPhone Evangelist
Jerry Neumann Director
Azeem Ansar Early Employee

January, 2010

Pinch Media raised $560K in unattributed round


December, 2009

Flurry To Merge With Fellow Mobile Apps Analytics Provider Pinch Media

June, 2009

Pinch Media raised unknown amount in seed round from W Media Ventures

W Media Ventures

May, 2008

Pinch Media raised unknown amount in seed round from First Round Capital, Union Square Ventures, Dave Morgan, Michael Yavonditte, Sharkey Goldstein Capital, and Neu Venture Capital

Pinch Media Releases Free Analytics for iPhone SDK

April, 2008

Pinch Media was founded on April, 2008