Personal Capital

Next-generation financial advisor

Personal Capital is a Redwood City, CA-based startup that offers a full suite of customer-centric retail investment management, banking and personal finance services. Bringing wealth management into the internet age, Personal Capital gives...

Founded in 2009
Employees: 28
Total money raised: $52.3M

Personal Capital HQ

94063 726 Main Street

Redwood City
Redwood City
Updated on Jun 5, 2013
Personal Capital at CrunchBase
Bill Harris CEO & Founder
Rob Foregger Co-Founder
Brian Ascher Board Director
Jen Robinson Product Marketing

June, 2013

Personal Capital raised $25M in a Series C round from Crosslink Capital, BlackRock, Institutional Venture Partners, and Venrock

Personal Capital Closes $25 Million In Series C Funding For Online Wealth Management Platform

September, 2012

Personal Capital invested $1.5M in Stockr as seed round

September, 2011

Personal Capital Launches Its "Personal Financial Advisor" Service

Personal Capital Unveils Its "Personal Financial Advisor" Service

August, 2011

Personal Capital raised $15M in a Series B round from Venrock and Institutional Venture Partners

Ex-PayPal, Intuit CEO Raises $25M For “Next-Generation” Financial Advisor

May, 2010

Personal Capital raised $10M in a Series A round from Institutional Venture Partners

July, 2009

Personal Capital raised $2M in seed round from Bill Harris

Personal Capital raised $300K in seed round from Rob Foregger

Personal Capital was founded on July, 2009