Thorsten Claus

Thorsten joined Next World Capital in February 2013. His focus in enterprise software and infrastructure. Having worked for over 15 years in the mobile telecommunications industry in various roles, this experience is central to his role at Next...

Affiliation: T-Venture

Updated on Feb 11, 2014
Thorsten Claus at CrunchBase
T-Venture Senior Investment Manager at T-Venture of America, Inc.
Blueseed Advisor
StreetLight Data Advisor
Next World Capital Principal
CipherCloud Advisor
Pie Digital Director
Grimm Bros Advisor
Fundstorm Partner and co-founder
Blue Jeans Network Investor
Lookout Investor
Skorpios Technologies Investor
Actelis Networks Investor
ASSIA Investor
T-Systems Nova North America, Inc. Senior Networks Architect
Affirmed Networks Investor
NewAer Investor
T-Venture of America, Inc. Senior Investment Manager
Jawbone Investor
Detecon, Inc Director, Playout Intelligence
COSYNUS GmbH Head Of Development

December, 2012

Thorsten Claus invested unknown amount in NewAer as seed round