Rich LeFurgy

Rich LeFurgy is the former Investor of BookFresh. He has been a Board Member, Advisor or Investor in over 35 online advertising companies. Drawing from a 17 year ad agency career in New York (NW Ayer 1978-1995) . He was Head of Sales at, ...

Affiliation: Intent

Updated on Jul 30, 2013
Rich LeFurgy at CrunchBase
Intent Advertising & Sales
Daylife Investor
Viewpoints Advisor
Freestyle Capital Advisor
Associated Content Board Director
Placecast Board Director
Blekko Investor
BlueLithium Board Director
Fathom Online Board Director
[x+1] Board Director
Starwave Head, Sales
Web Clients Board Director
IGN Entertainment Board Director
BookFresh Investor

March, 2013

Rich LeFurgy invested $1.4M in AdStage as seed round