David Beyer

David Beyer is the CEO and co-founder of graduated from Y Combinator in Summer 2010 with the goal of democratizing business intelligence. Before, David co-founded Cortex, a collaboration tool for hospitals to share ideas...


Updated on Nov 6, 2013
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Cortex Healthcare CEO
Patients Know Best International Growth
Chartio CEO

July, 2013

David Beyer invested $2.1M in Stormpulse as seed round

June, 2012

David Beyer invested $1.2M in Switchcam as seed round

November, 2011

David Beyer invested $1.5M in MixRank as angel investor

August, 2011

David Beyer invested $500K in Manpacks as angel investor

December, 2010

Invested in Seamless Receipts

Invested in Script Pad

Invested in Speaker Text

Joined as CEO.

November, 2010

Invested in Koduko Games

October, 2010

Invested in Sensible Self

Invested in

February, 2009

Invested in Patients Know Best

July, 2008

Invested in