Payz, Inc.

Digital wallet meets big data

Payz enables merchants to easily accept payments of all types, including credit card, ACH, and cash via a Payz account – an “electronic wallet” that is preloaded by a consumer with monetary value. Through cross-merchant data analytics &...

Founded in 2011
Employees: 25

Payz Headquarters

10003 101 Fifth Avenue

New York
New York
Updated on May 9, 2013
Payz, Inc. at CrunchBase
Todd Davis Chief Software Architect
Damion Hankejh Board Director
Ken Hawkins CTO
Lewis Gersh Advisor, Investor
Craig Alberino Board
Alejandro Revilla Advisor
John Frankel Advisor, Investor

January, 2012

Payz, Inc. acquired ORCA, Inc.

Ingk Labs buys payment platform ORCA to create PayPal rival

October, 2011

Payz, Inc. was founded on October, 2011

May, 2009

Payz, Inc. raised unknown amount in a Series A round from ff Venture Capital