The Cash Transaction Network

More than 25% of US consumers regularly transact in cash and cash equivalents because they either don’t have a bank account or choose not to rely on automatic payments, checks and credit cards. PayNearMe is the electronic cash-transaction network...

Founded in 2009
Total money raised: $36.5M


94089 292 Gibraltar Drive

Updated on Nov 23, 2013
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Daniel Shader CEO
Bill Campbell Honorary Chairman
Danny Shader CEO
Jon Callaghan Board Member
Mark Britto Board Member
Jeff Jordan Advisor
Prakash Ramamurthy Advisor
Dan Levitan Board Member
Catalin Voss Mobile Software Engieer
Brenda Swiney Head of Finance
Chris Christensen Sr Engineer

April, 2013

PayNearMe raised $2.1M in unattributed round from Maveron and True Ventures

February, 2013

PayNearMe raised $12.1M in a Series D round from August Capital, Khosla Ventures, Maveron, and True Ventures


November, 2010

PayNearMe raised $16M in unattributed round from Khosla Ventures, August Capital, True Ventures, and Maveron

PayNearMe Closes $16M Round of Financing

March, 2010

PayNearMe raised $3.3M in a Series B round from Maveron, True Ventures, Fenwick & West, FLOODGATE, and Endeavor Partners

Virtual Goods' Payment Firm Kwedit Raises $3.3M

May, 2009

PayNearMe raised $3M in a Series A round from True Ventures, Kapor Capital, Fenwick & West, Endeavor Partners, and FLOODGATE

March, 2009

PayNearMe was founded on March, 2009